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No Dark Clouds

A unique historical fiction 
with life-changing principles
Available now in ebook and paperback
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My Story



As the founder and president of Layman Bible College Institute, it has been my honor and privilege to be able to provide structured Bible education courses to Christians living in small villages and economically challenged areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Indonesia and also in the Koreas. 

I am also honored to be the Vice-Chairman of the Board and the Global Marketing Director of New Korea Foundation International. A global ministry meeting the needs of the North Korean Diaspora. 


Born in Texas, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas A&M University and

my Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies (with a cognate in Media Management) from Regent University, and the Christian Broadcasting Network, Virginia Beach, VA.

As an ordained minister; former president of two Christian film distribution companies; creator and host the international radio program, 'Bible School of the Air'; writer of many laymen Bible College courses such as 'The Minor Prophets, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Romans, The Book of Luke,  Spiritual Warfare; and creator/writer of my daughter's global internet youth course, 'A-Z Scripture Memory' (; I believe God has given me a creative 'gift' to sharing the Good News in very unique ways - and No Dark Clouds  can now be added to this list.

My first copyrighted publication is entitled A Case for Salvation,  I hold two certified California teaching credentials, taught special education for almost two decades at the middle school level, and the recipient of two Digital Voices Awards for the video productions, ‘An Emerson to Einstein Silent Movie’ and ‘Mummy Math.'


My Book

No Dark Clouds

No Dark Clouds  = 
The Little Rascals + The Robe  
+ Dennis the Menace + Jesus of Nazareth
A unique story and a unique opportunity to gain Biblical knowledge either individually or in the classroom setting
  • 8 Educational Study Guides (Biblical)

  • 6 'Personal Application' Lessons

  • Evangel-Topic Cards (for student interaction)

  • 14 Sign-a-polooza 'Life Trait' Themes

  • Scripture Nuggets Template (Bible verse analysis)

  • Thematic Diary/Journal (template by chapter)

  • Worksheets / Activities

(Click on the 'My Book' drop-down menu or go to for more information and

free pdf downloads of educational material)




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A Time To Dream Radio - R W Nelson
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My Books
ministrial / Academic Reviews

No Dark Clouds by R. W. Nelson is an amazing book whose background is the Biblical account of Jesus’ works while he was on earth. Nelson’s work is outstanding mostly because it sheds light on the plight of destitute children who fall prey to brutish people. Overall, No Dark Clouds contains some great qualities which make reading it worthwhile. It also contains many great lessons and it accentuates the ministry and the works of Jesus Christ.

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