Sign-a-polooza 'Life Trait' Themes

  • Your words mean things

  • Jesus Lives

  • Honor Him and He will honor you

  • Judge someone from within

  • No goodbye's to be said in Heaven

  • You can only change the present and the future

  • He will return just as He said

  • You have God-given gifts

  • Running away from problems is not the answer

  • God Remembers

  • Yahweh Rapha (God is my healer)

  • Reputations matter

  • God made you unique

  • Love conquers all darkness

No Dark Clouds

Dedicated to the actual begging children in India whose real-life disabilities and struggles led to the foundational themes of this novel; and to worldwide support ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse (  and Operation Blessing ( who strive to meet the needs of the orphaned, the homeless, and the impoverished.

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