Educational Study Guides


The following Bible study guides are included in the novel (as an appendices) and are very integral to the story. Pdf study guide copies can also be freely downloaded at


  • The Ministry of Angels

  • Heaven: What is it Really Like

  • The ‘Names’ of God in Scripture

  • The Messianic Prophecies in Scripture

  • The Miracles of Jesus

  • The Tabernacle of Moses

  • The ‘I am’ Statements of Jesus

  • The ‘Beatitudes’ of Jesus

No Dark Clouds

Dedicated to the actual begging children in India whose real-life disabilities and struggles led to the foundational themes of this novel; and to worldwide support ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse (  and Operation Blessing ( who strive to meet the needs of the orphaned, the homeless, and the impoverished.

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